We follow the German Shorthaired Pointer Club of America's
Guidelines for Responsible Breeders

Is This Breed Right for You??
We are members of the following Clubs:
German Shorthaired Pointer Club of America
German Shorthaired Pointer Club of Idaho
~ Championship Field, Hunting and Show lines on both sides
~ Parents are incredible hunters, and loving family members!
~ Parents are registered with the American Kennel Club
~ We will register all puppies with the American Kennel Club
~ All puppies are checked by our local veterinarian at three
days old when they have their tails docked and dewclaws
removed; then again before they go to their new homes.
~ We like for our puppies to leave at 8 weeks old.  Our vet
recommends vaccinations at 8, 12 and 16 weeks old.  Puppies
will also be wormed.
~ A written money back guarantee against genetic defects.
~ A deposit of $200.00 holds the pup of your choice for your
next hunting and family companion.
~ We accept PayPal for your convenience.  We request that
you add 4.% on top of the amount sent, as that is what PayPal
charges me to utilize their services.
~ Shipping to almost anywhere in North America is not a
problem, weather permitting.
~ Stud Service is available to select females.  All ladies must
be at least 2 years old, have OFA Certification, current eye
certification (CERF) must be renewed annually. Quality
pedigree, she must not have any of the breed faults or
disqualifications, negative Brucellosis test no older than 30
days and a current health certificate by a licensed
~ All pups will be microchipped for $25.00 with Home Again
Cheryl Stephenson
Shelley, ID
Idaho Hunting Dogs is a quality, family owned, kennel offering German Shorthaired Pointer pups including 5 generation pedigree
documentation.  Our puppies are available on a first-come, first reserved basis.  We also maintain a waiting list as most pups are
sold before they are born.  We start taking pictures when they are newborns and try to do live streaming video of the puppies
and their momma until they go outside.  All of our German Shorthaired Pointer dogs have had OFA and CERF completed.  At Idaho
Hunting Dogs, we pride ourselves on having a very conscientious breeding program.  Our females are only permitted to have 1
litter per calendar year.  Our dogs and puppies are raised in a family environment as part of our family!!  All of our Idaho Hunting
Dogs puppies are born and raised in our home to get them used to a home's general sights, sounds and chaos plus of course, lots of
hugs and kisses.  We take them outside as appropriate to run them around the yard when they are ready.  These are definitely
family dogs for the home that "turn on" in the field for an incredible hunting partner; however, we encourage some form of puppy
social /obedience class for new puppies and their families.  Our goal is to breed conformationally correct GSP's that are
manageable, stylish, and even tempered with a strong desire to hunt, point and retrieve.    

Thank you,
Cheryl Stephenson
If you DO spend 15 minutes a day training your pup,
you will get the dog you deserve :)

If you DO NOT spend 15 minutes a day training your pup,
you will get the dog you deserve :(

Take them everywhere and expose them to people, dogs, cats,
loud noises (carefully) so they will be the best they can be!!
"Where Great Hunting Dogs Don't Happen By Accident"
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