Definitions, Etcetera

we/us/our: "Puppy/Litter Owner" also defined as Cheryl or Mark Matthiesen of Idaho Hunting Dogs
you/your/his/her: customer or "Puppy Buyer"   An individual or organization acknowledged by us to have at paid us the minimum
of a deposit.
deposit:  $350.00 non-refundable.  You may elect to be placed on a future litter.  Picking order is based on when your deposit
was received, not mailed.  
full price:
predetermined and required in full at the time you pick you pup advertised in the "female puppies..." and "male
puppies..." listings on our Home page (minus deposit plus shipping) Shipping charges may vary at any time as we have no control
over these fees; however, shipping includes airfare, kennel, health and acclimation statement from veterinarian and $1000.00
insurance, personalized name tag and collar,  and stuffed animals to fly with.  We reserve the right to change the deposit and full
price amounts  without prior notice but we will not change either within thirty (30) days of a litter. All posted pertinent
information  on our Home page is final and effective when posted. We accept no responsibility to notify otherwise except that  we
will notify you by email or phone at our discretion of a full price change that affects your purchase.
refund: amount we have received over the non-refundable deposit.  Shipping charges are included in a refund until your puppy has
been shipped.  Refunds will be within sixty (60) days of fulfilling applicable stipulations.
available puppies: puppies available for purchase posted on our available page. Although we make every effort to offer an
accurate and up-to-date page, mistakes may happen or there may be a delay between available and sold.  We accept no
responsibility for mistakes, etcetera but will clarify an issue at the time of a customer selection.
list: a waiting list for the selection of a puppy from a future litter.  You may elect to be included on a waiting list for a pup from a
future litter even when puppies are available.

Email to may fulfill a written notice requirement

We reserve the right to refuse the sale of a puppy under specific conditions as we see fit.
Terms and conditions subject to change at any time
Effective:  July 23, 2000
Idaho Hunting Dogs is dedicated to the improvement of the German Shorthaired Pointer.  The intent of this contract is to assure that the dogs produced from this
kennel will receive appropriate care and will be protected from indiscriminate breedings, so that the outstanding qualities of health and versatility are enhanced.  It is to
be recognized that this GSP puppy represents many years of careful breeding and is considered to be of extreme value both to the seller and to the buyer.  Therefore
buyer agrees to provide all necessary veterinary services, continue to feed P
ro Plan Savor Adult dog food or equivalent recommended by their Veterinarian.

, Cheryl Stephenson, “Puppy/Litter Owner” agree to sell one ____female ____male German Shorthaired Pointer for pet/companion.

Whelped:  _____________________

Sire: ______________________________             Reg. # _______________
Dam: ______________________________             Reg. #_______________

1) In exchange for the above pure bred, pet quality puppy, the above amount will be given the "Puppy/Litter Owner" by the "Puppy Buyer".  "Puppy/Litter Owner" agrees
that the puppy is purebred and registerable with the American Kennel Club. The A.K.C. Dog Registration Application is forwarded at time of delivery of puppy.  We
recommend that you spay or neuter your pet to avoid health problems later in your dogs life.

2) The "Puppy Buyer" has three (3) working days from date of puppy pick-up to take puppy to a veterinarian for an initial check-up. If the puppy is found to have a life-
threatening genetic or health problem and written documentation of the condition is presented from the examining veterinarian, "Puppy/Litter Owner" will place "Puppy
Buyer" on top of "Puppy Waiting List" for next available healthy puppy of same quality and breed according to puppy sex requested, provided puppy and A.K.C. Dog
Registration Application are returned at “Puppy Buyer” expense and puppy has not been hurt or injured. The "Puppy Buyer” agrees to pay transportation costs on
replacement puppy.  If “Puppy Buyer” elects to have genetic problem fixed, if possible, "Puppy/Litter Owner" will reimburse “Puppy Buyer” for expenses up to a
maximum of $100.00 after receiving original bill from licensed veterinarian.  Any additional expenses will be the sole responsibility of “Puppy Buyer”, or puppy may be
returned as stated above.

3) "Puppy Buyer" agrees to have annual veterinarian check-ups, including heart worm check, keep all immunizations current according to A.V.M.A. Guidelines as follows:
"Puppy/Litter Owner" has given "Puppy Vaccination Shot" at 8 weeks of age. Booster shots are required every 4 weeks until the age of 16 weeks.  Puppy diseases can be
very severe on a puppy's health and maintaining this vaccination schedule can prevent these puppy diseases and is required by "Puppy Buyer" as terms of this "Puppy
Contract". I will give you a schedule of vaccinations.  All states require a current Rabies vaccination. Check with your vet for requirements.  "Puppy Buyer" agrees to
properly administer heart worm preventative on a regular basis, if you live where it is required.  Check with your vet. "Puppy Buyer" agrees to provide adequate housing,
confine the puppy in a fenced yard or kennel run, or walk on a leash. Health warranties and guarantees are void if "Puppy Buyer" does not have written documentation
of proper health care as stated in this paragraph. No other health warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied, are made under this contract except those as stated.

4) Each puppy is guaranteed to have sound and stable temperament when they leave our home.  
 Puppies need to be properly socialized which include obedience training and that the "Puppy
Buyer" spends a large amount of time socializing your dog daily. The dog is not to be kept chained or tied up, allowed to run loose, teased or otherwise abused. All dogs
should be confined properly in a kennel of their own with adequate shelter and not left to their own devises.

5) If at anytime the buyer cannot keep the dog, it may be placed in a mutually agreed upon home upon Idaho Hunting Dogs approval. I will assist you in finding him/her a
new home also if you want.  If the kennel is informed that the puppy/dog that is under this contract was given away or sold, then the buyer shall pay the kennel a
breach of contract fee of $1,500.00.  

6) "Puppy/Litter Owner" is bound by this agreement to original "Puppy Buyer" only. The State of Idaho, County of Bingham, and City Of Blackfoot will be court of record
for any legal proceedings in reference to this "Puppy Contract" by either "Puppy/Litter Owner" or "Puppy Buyer". Legal proceedings in other jurisdictions in reference to
the "Puppy Contract" are null and void. "Puppy Buyer” agrees to pay "Puppy/Litter Owner's" reasonable legal fees for proceedings related to this "Puppy Contract".

7) No other warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied, are made under this contract except as stated herein.

The Buyer agrees not to use the dog for breeding purposes until the dog has reached at least 24 months of age. Buyer also agrees that this dog will not be used for
breeding purposes until cleared by x-rays of hip dysplasia, and until the dog has been cleared for hip defects (OFA or PENN) and eye defects (CERF).  Buyer agrees that a
female dog will not be used for breeding until checked and cleared for Brucellosis  and vaginal infections or diseases. Male dogs will not be used for breeding until
cleared for Brucellosis, and any other infectious canine disease, including those specifically connected to the breeding of dogs.  Buyer agrees that any male or female
dog used for breeding with this dog will also be checked and cleared for the above stated conditions.

Agreed to by: ____________________________        Date: ________________
Printed Name: ____________________________

Approved by: _____________________________        Date: ________________
       Cheryl Stephenson

All terms and conditions are subject to change
At Idaho Hunting Dogs, we are dedicated to the German Shorthaired Pointer conformation and improvement in
general and our dogs specifically.  Our intent is to provide quality German Shorthaired Pointer puppies while assuring
protection for both our dogs and their new families.
You have three (3) working days from the date of your puppy pick-up to take
your puppy to a veterinarian for an initial check-up.  If your puppy is found to
have a life-threatening genetic or health problem you have up to fifteen (15)
days from the diagnosis of the condition for recourse.  Upon written
documentation of the condition presented to us from the examining
veterinarian you may elect any of the following options.

1) We agree to replace puppy with same sex puppy of upcoming litter provided
the puppy and A.K.C dog Registration Application are returned at your
expense and the puppy has not been hurt or injured.

2) You may elect to have a genetic problem fixed when possible and we will
reimburse you for expenses up to a maximum of $100.00 after receiving the
original bill from a licensed veterinarian.  Any additional expenses are the sole
responsibility of "Puppy Buyer" or puppy may be returned as stated above.

You have two (2) years from your puppy's birth for recourse if your puppy dies
from a congenital defect(s) and a licensed veterinarian presents the cause of
death to us in writing within fifteen (15) days of an autopsy performed at your

1) Prior to its sixth month birthday, we agree to replace puppy with same sex
puppy of upcoming litter.
2) From its six-month birthday through its first year birthday, we agree to
replace puppy with same sex puppy of upcoming litter at one-half price of
upcoming litter.
3) After its first birthday but before it's second birthday we agree to replace
puppy with same sex puppy of upcoming litter at three-quarters price of
upcoming litter.

You agree to pay transportation costs on replacement puppy.  We reserve the
right to have diagnosis/autopsy findings verified by our veterinarian.
Upon receipt of a minimum deposit (non-refundable), you will be notified
(including when appropriate, your position on our list) by email or phone, at
our discretion.  A minimum deposit must be received by us before you are
placed on our list or allowed to pick an available puppy.  You may elect to be
dropped from our list for any reason.  However, you remain on a list even if
our deposit or full price changes unless you elect to be dropped.  Any
request to be removed from a list and receive a refund or change to a future
list must be in writing with no change effective until we receive such notice.

Our list's order and order in which you may pick an available puppy is strictly
by receipt of a minimum deposit.  Selections must be within twenty four (24)
hours of our notification of your turn beginning at approximately four (4)
weeks old.  
The balance of your money for pup and shipping (if required) is
due when you have chosen your pup.

You will receive pictures shortly after birth and every few days thereafter to
watch them grow and see their coloring and development.  If you cannot or
will not make a selection within the allotted time, the next customer in line
will be allowed to select his/her pup.  After passing on a selection, you may
thereafter make your selection at any time from the available puppies at the
time; elect to be placed on a future waiting list.

All puppies remain our property until you accept delivery of your selected pup
normally at eight (8) weeks old.  If your selected puppy dies before you
accept delivery, you may elect to select another available pup, be placed on a
future waiting list, or request a refund.  If your selected puppy is injured or
sick before you accept delivery, you may elect to wait until it is healed and
well and can be delivered as determined by us, select another available pup,
be placed on a future waiting list, or request a refund.
Guarantee, Contract, and our Selection Process
"Breeding Quality GSP's for Over 30 Years"
German Shorthaired Pointers