Thought I would drop you a line about Cheyenne. We just got back from South Dakota Oct. 31, 2005 and wow did she do good but I'll start from the
beginning. From day 1 she has been the best dog money can buy. House breaking and crate training were a breeze. She is VERY smart and catches on
to everything easily. In the past few months I've been taking her to a dog trainer off and on and have been working with her on the things she
learned in between. Here's a quote from my dog trainer." I'm not sure where you got this puppy from but HOLY COW do they know how to breed a
dog". He is a full time trainer and always has 8-10 client dogs and says there's not a dog that comes through his kennel like this and would put her up
against 90% of all the dogs and she would show them up. When people around here talk about a steady dog they consider a 3 minute point rock solid.
About a month ago we put a bird out for her and she pointed over 30 minutes without as much as even a creep. And when we flushed the bird and
harvested it she retrieved like you wouldn't believe. All of this at 9 MONTHS OLD!!. We have even as much as taken our training birds and dropped
them at her feet and flew them between her nose and the pointed bird and she won't break!!!! She also is very strong at backing/honoring another
dogs point. All this came natural with no training at all. When we were in South Dakota we had 4 people hunting behind her and my other puppy and
we had our limit every day (12 per day) in less than 4 hours per day. That's hunting all public land too!!!! Cheyenne stuck probably 75% of all the birds
we harvested and honored on all the points from the other puppy. Not to mention retrieving every bird the other puppy didn't. She would go just
wide open from the time you let her out into the field until you put her back in the box. To say the least she is bird crazy. Then when you go from
the field to home you get a completely different dog. You get in the house and she's super mellow and lays by your feet. If you seen her in the house
you would probably think this lazy dog couldn't hunt if she wanted to. I've had tons of compliments about how pretty she is too. I actually have
people that want to reserve puppies out of her first litter. I tell them it will be a year and a few months and they say they will gladly wait. I tell a lot
of people about your web site too. Thanks again for a puppy of this caliber.

M. Schmidt
Stratford, WI

Hi Cheryl,
I named him "Leupold" Leo for short, he is the smartest little guy I've ever seen. I've been working him on obedience and he is amazing. I heard
stories from people that Shorthairs are hard headed and hard to train, but Leo is anything but. He is perfect and is going to make a excellent gun
dog. I'm so excited because this is my first time training a dog, and it is going perfect. His parent must be awesome! Thanks for keeping in touch...
When he gets older I will take pictures of him hunting and email them to you.  
Leo is awesome he's my baby boy bird hunter. We had a great season
lots of great points and flushes, and awesome retrieves. Leo loves to go swimming, so I'm working on water retrieves with him now that the water is
warming up. Just like everything, he is taking to it like a duck to water.
K. Lenz
Coeur d'Alene, ID

Hello Cheryl!
Just wanted to drop you a line and some pictures of our wonderful pups! Sadie is absolutely wonderful. Extremely smart and obedient. She has all
the basic commands down pat, and we'll start table work with her in the next month or so. No aversion to water at all as she was going crazy trying
to get in the hot tub with us last night! We'll wait for a little warmer weather before taking her for a swim though. We took both dogs to a spot
loaded with wild bird scent, and they both proved to have exceptional noses. Mitzy saw her first pheasant last week while walking with Dick, and he
said she was extremely excited about it. We're really looking forward to working with these dogs on a hunt. Both dogs get to spend nearly every day
together, and are great friends. They keep our 5yr old 130lb Rottweiler "Baron" busy all day! As you can see in the pic's. they all get along extremely
well. Sadie loves to stand up on Baron's back to get a better view of things. Anyway, hope all goes well at your kennel, and if you ever need a
reference in our area, feel free to use us.
Thanks again for 2 terrific pets!
Forrest & Suzanne Price
Lewiston, ID

Just thought I'd update you on Sophie. She is now in her third week of training. Andrew and I spent all day today (well actually every Saturday)
watching her work, and being trained ourselves. She is doing great, she is a much better student than some of the other dogs. Actually most of the
other dogs are Labs, it's a California thing. They train them for dual purpose i.e. upland game and waterfowl. I have to say some of them are very hard
headed and need lots of correction. I on the other hand have an upland dog that will work waterfowl. You should see her retrieve, makes no
difference to her land or water. The best part about Sophie is that she needs minimal correction, when training, she really is a quick learner. In just
two more weeks I will be shooting birds over her, and I think in three more months I'll have a super gun dog. After her training is concluded I'm
thinking of entering her in some AKC hunt tests for pointing breeds. I really think she could work up to the master hunter title without too much of
a problem. To your credit everyone who has seen her work, points out that she is very well bred. Again thank you for a very wonderful pet and
hunting companion.
I'll keep you updated,
J. Lusch
Norwalk, CA

HI Cheryl,
Sorry it's take so long to let you know how Pearl is doing. I don't have pictures yet but (my brother has the camera) this last February, Pearl hunted
around 110 quail and 40 pheasants.  Her nose is outstanding I hate to admit it but she's better at 14 months than my last GSP at 7 years. Thanks again!
E. Janssen

Dear Cheryl,
I wanted to contact you to let you know how well our GSP Grady is doing - from Molly's litter 2 years ago. She is absolutely awesome. She is a very
close part of our family in every way. For starters - she is gorgeous. It never ceases to amaze me how many compliments we get when we go
anywhere as to what a beautiful dog she is. Grady is petite under 50 pounds and has been a wonderful house dog. Her temperament is fabulous, our
7 and 8 year old roll around with her and play with her everyday and she loves to play and can be very protective of our home. When taken into the
field, she transforms from a house dog to a dutiful hunter, very obedient, tremendous natural ability, great nose, great retriever and an energy level
to hunt for 3-4 hours solid - and perhaps best of all she has a great personality. We take her everywhere and she has made a wonderful addition to
our family. We are looking forward to breeding her perhaps next year. Just wanted to give you an update.
B.  Munholland

Just wanted to give a shout out and let you know that Justice is doing very well as a Narcotic Detection dog.  At 6 months old, she has about 8
month of training left but she is already beating the certified detection dogs. Thanks again for breeding such wonderful pups.  Please let me know
when you intend to have another litter because Justice has proven you a reliable and professional breeder.
Thanks again,
Geoff  R.
Police Officer (Nevada)

Hi Cheryl,
I just wanted to tell you that Heidi is doing very well. She has been retrieving doves. At first she watched the older dogs. And was a little hard
mouth and didn't want to give the bird  up. But over a few days that all changed. And she finds the bird and brings it right back to Cel. When they
are hunting she is very involved. She watches everything that is around her. Next Sat. is chucker hunting so she will have a new bird to find. We
believe she is going to be a excellent bird dog. And we love her. Last week we took them all camping so I got some nice pictures of her. So I'll send
some soon ok. Hope all is fine with you and the family.
Take Care, and Thank you,
D. Lorenzie
Challis, ID.

He's 1 now!!  So handsome and such a devoted friend.  He demands remarks of splendor from all that see him.  His hunting abilities and lines are very
apparent as he knows all sorts of neat tricks in the field and in the water.  He leaps like a gazelle in the tall grass and charges the water like no dog I
have ever seen in life on tv!  Mister B is a true athlete and does it just for fun.  Not even interested in yummy treats, just doing the trick and
getting praise.   He amazes me every day and is still very excited about lots of new things.  The world is so wonderful to him.  He is  quit

So I stumbled across a local agility school in North Salem NY. I've met a few Viszla's that perform there as well as
some Portuguese Water Dogs.  Mister B runs circles around them and does so much more so I am excited to get him involved and show off his skills.  
I'll add some more champion titles to the line.  I believe he is that good so I'll give him the chance to prove it.  It will be good for both of us.  I am out
of tricks to teach him and he would love the environment and opportunity to perform.

He is spectacular and a textbook example of what a pointer should be, in my eyes at least.  I've been telling lots of folks about Idaho Hunting Dogs so
maybe I'll see some relatives out east here soon enough.  You breed the best.

Thanks Again,
C. Mitchell
New York
Hi Cheryl,

Just thought I would let you know how the little boy did this weekend. I could not be any happier with his performance in the field. He did a
wonderful job of staying at a reasonable distance, has a great nose and had some very fine points. We hunted quail and between the two of us
hunting we shot 30 birds in two days, most of which were over Matty's points.  He did a great job pointing entire coveys and single birds as well as
the pheasant we ran into.

He also hunted with another dog and they worked very well together. I was surprised to see him actually back Charlie a couple of times and he didn't
flush any of the birds Charlie pointed. We still have a bit of work to do on his retrieves but he showed some good signs of retrieval after he followed
Charlie on a retrieve. Sunday he actually got in the brush and retrieved a bird we could have never gotten without him. Matty never broke and
chased birds after his points and did a great job of re-pointing a couple of singles after the covey flushed.

All in all I think we have a real stud on our hands here. It was a really special and neat experience to hunt with him and have him do so well on his
seven-month birthday. I have plenty of pictures of him and the birds and I will send copies as soon as I have them developed.

Cheryl, thank you so much for this great pup. He is all I could have expected in a young dog and he will be a wonderful hunting companion for a lot of
years to come!

I hope all is well and I hope to hear from you soon.

K. Knowles
Coeur d'Alene, ID
Cheryl and Mark,
Thanks for all your quality care and effort - it really makes a person purchasing a dog feel good to know you and your husband are fine enthusiastic
breeders. Hope you enjoyed our Christmas photo of Angus at 7 months old.  He's really beautiful.  He's extremely intelligent and is a joy every day
and loved like crazy by my husband and I and our three boys. He gets his leash from the kitchen counter where we keep it and brings it to us and sits
down and if we don't get the message, he goes to the door with it.I tell him calmly, "no bark...quiet" and that if he continues to bark he will go in his
crate.  With that, he makes a little grumbling noise and stops barking. He picked out and carried away each of his five Christmas presents from
everyone else presents under the tree. He spends quality quiet time on the couch every night with my husband and I for an hour or so before going
to bed.  When he's ready for bed, he quietly gets up and leaves for his crate. He goes outside in our backyard and stands at the fence and barks
every day to call his old yellow lab friend to come outside.  The lab comes out and I guess Angus doesn't understand why his friend just stands there
quietly and doesn't share his enthusiasm. If we don't come right away to let Angus back inside from the backyard, a few minutes later we routinely
hear the back doorbell ring.  The boys always say, "who's at the door," then end up asking, "'s just Angus?"Angus goes for many rides in the car,
and sits patiently and waits for us while we go in a store for a minute.  You both have socialized the puppies so well that every time someone goes
by the car, Angus wags his tail like he's found his lost pal.  I recently read, by the way, that it's crucial at an early puppy age to have as much human
bonding and closeness as possible in order to develop a happy adult dog that has had good early human trust and love experiences.  Angus is so
affectionate and happy all the time.  Never has he shown any anger or aggression. When I go occasionally to get the boys at the High School, one of
my sons will ask to take Angus on his leash to show him off.  My son says everyone loves our pointer, especially the girls.  Then, four or five boys pack
into our car, with Angus ending up on their laps spread out. He's been pointing since the first day we got him home from his plane ride.  We've
started taking him to some large open fields soon, and we've been reading books on hunting training.  He has an exuberance and excitement in the
field that we don't see in him anywhere else.  We're very sure its from his fine hereditary hunting lines from both his mother and father's side.  We'll
be sure in the future to take some hunting pictures and send them on to you. On lead, he heels by my side like a prince, with paws kicking as he
prances like a show dog making his run.   He will go into a long sit-stay position and has the patience of a saint-dog until he gets the come command.
Angus has been taught by my youngest son to shake. Whenever he deems it necessary to get something from him, he sits and automatically gives
him his paw. He back talks regularly if he doesn't like something, and has some work to do on that!!I have some pumpkin Halloween pictures to send
to you, but that will come later. Hope this gives you an idea of what this puppy's like.  He's a character to say the least. If we ever get another dog,
it will be from you all. Have a great, peaceful holiday,
C. Lanspery
Sandy Hook, CT

-----Original Message-----
From: Lanspery, C.
Sent: Monday, December 05, 2005 12:31 PM
To: ' , Debbie & Jean'
Subject: RE: Mark & Cheryl Matthiesen of Idaho Hunting Dogs

Hello Debbie.  I am glad to have an opportunity to comment on Mark & Cheryl Matthiesen's breeder services.  I have had, on two separate occasions,
a wonderful experience dealing with them.

1.  I was researching in 2002 on the Internet for a good breeder for German Shorthair Pointers, with a strong background in the breed, along with
good lines, and championships, in addition to good hunting styles in previous generations.  I found their website, which was one of the first ones
that came up on my search.  I had called several facilities in the U.S. to speak to them directly, and ask about their practices and routines for
acquiring a dog from them.  I found Mark and Cheryl to be very professional, extremely friendly and wanting to assist, and very knowledgeable of the
breed and who these dogs should and should not be with.

2.  I live in Connecticut and have not ever had the opportunity to be at their facility.  Given that fact, Cheryl and Mark both have on several
occasions provided recorded footage of their puppies sleeping, feeding, playing in their yard and in their puppy pens and sleeping quarters, alone
and with Cheryl and Mark.

3.  I have only the footage and photos to describe their breeding living quarters, but I feel confident based on my friendship with Cheryl and Mark to
say that they keep consistent cleanliness standards with their dogs at all times.

4.  I purchased two dogs from Mark and Cheryl.  Each of them was shipped by air to me at three months old.

5.  Along with my dogs I received booklets on the breed, many links to websites for additional information, and detailed instructions on how to
indoctrinate your dogs into your lifestyle to minimize problems with the puppy and the family.  I also received frequent and friendly calls from both
Cheryl and Mark to check in and determine if the puppy was becoming acclimated to its new living situation.  Because of their open communication
style, I was able to call any time I had a question, and get more than enough information.  Particularly, they assisted me with my first dog in training
when he was rebellious, and what directions to take with him.  I simply had to follow their training suggestions, and today my dogs are much more
manageable when they could be quite unruly for their breed if not allowed the exercise and structure they need.

6.  I received my papers with my dogs each time they were shipped, and I picked my dogs up at the airport along with everything necessary for
them, including all innoculation records to date, etc.

7.  From the very beginning of my dog purchasing process, Cheryl and Mark were open, honest, friendly, and anxious to provide me with whatever
information I needed to make a good decision.  This is because they truly love all their puppies and want the best for them and know that, that only
happens when the breeder is very involved in helping the potential customers decide what will work best for everyone.  I am always pleasantly
surprised to receive emails from Mark and Cheryl.  We stay in touch throughout the year, usually monthly or even more often.  They have become
family to our family, and I send them pictures of the dogs and update them periodically.  If I ever get the opportunity to do so, I would purchase a
third dog from them (although two is enough for me right now.)

Please don't hesitate to contact me at any time to further discuss this wonderful breeding facility.  My two dogs are very important family members
to me, and I love them.  They bring so much enjoyment in my life.

Best Regards,

C. Didona

Debbie &Jean,

Recently you sent me an e-mail regarding Cheryl and Mark Matthiesen of "Idaho Hunting Dogs". I would be more than happy to answer the questions.
#1. How do you know this breeder? I know Mark and Cheryl through a puppy I purchased from them.
#2. Have you ever been to this kennel? Yes I have.
#3. Can you describe the kennel? The kennel consisted of a very LARGE fenced in back yard with plenty of room to exercise and also had very nice
housing. From what I could tell the dogs were raised inside and were put in the outside fence to exercise and go to the bathroom. It was kept very
clean and seemed to be very safe as far as not being able to escape.
#4. How old was the puppy/dog you purchased? The puppy I purchased was around 9 weeks when I picked her up.
#5. Did you receive advise on how to care for this breed of dog? Yes, I was informed on how much to feed, when to feed, and what to feed. I was
also given all the information on what shots she was given and what shots needed to be given and when to give them.
#6. Did you get the registration papers and did you receive them in a timely manner? Yes I was given the AKC papers the day I picked the puppy up
since the litter was already registered. I was also given help filling out the registration papers in my name to avoid any errors or delays.
#7 Do you have any extra comments? FOR SURE!!!!!!!!!!! Mark and Cheryl are very dedicated in breeding a quality puppy. All potential buyers are
screened before a puppy will be sold to them as these puppies are like children to them. Looking at the effort they put into breeding a puppy and
the effort they put into being sure the puppies are placed in a good home it is obvious they are not puppy millers or back yard breeders. They have
been very helpful with answering all my questions about both of my German Shorthaired Pointers whether it is the one I bought from them or the
one I purchased from another breeder. They have a lot of knowledge about the breed and are always more than happy to share it with me. I am so
impressed in their breeding program I actually have a puppy reserved from an up coming litter. If I had to rate this breeder on a scale from 1-10?  I
would SERIOUSLY give them a 15!!!!!  Thanks for giving me a chance to answer these questions and I hope it helped you out.

M. Schmidt
Stratford, WI

June 6, 2007

Mark and Cheryl Matthiesen
Idaho Hunting Dogs
Shelley, Idaho

Dear Mark and Cheryl,

You all probably have a bunch of these but let me add ours to the lot.  As you know, after 7 weeks of anticipation we picked up IHD’s Herr Ingel von
Schultz’s Gunter at the Charleston, SC airport.  It is always an anxious moment to see if ones personal expectations are going to be met, especially
when purchasing a puppy from afar.  The purchaser relies heavily on the statements and representations of the breeder as to the overall and specific
quality, traits, personalities, and potential.  When this guy popped out of the crate we knew we had secured a phenomenal animal.  He was clean,
alert, confident, and perfect in physical stature.  As I mentioned, we have been searching for three years to find the “right” GSP to replace our
original Schultz.  I have been on hundreds of web sites, made even more phone calls, and have visited over 50 kennels.  None of the breeders met
our requirements for a true to form, even tempered, multi-purpose “Kurzhund”.

I would like to personally thank you both for your efforts in breeding the highest quality GSP’s.  Many people go through life not knowing what a
quality bred dog is supposed to look and act like.  We know the difference.  “Gunter” is a welcomed addition to our family; we can’t wait to start
him on birds this November.  I have no doubt he is going to develop into an outstanding dog!  

Thanks for all of your time in keeping us updated with e-mails and pictures during the entire 7 weeks.  

Best regards,

Marty, Susie and Anne Marie Maghakian

This is from a Dutchess & Fritz pup 2007:

Hi Mark, Hi Cheryl,

I don't know if Kath emailed you about our last chukkar hunt with the dogs or not. If not, let me know, and I'll have her send some pictures. Anyway,
last Saturday we went to our favorite hunting place "Big cottonwood". Kath chose to "man the camera", so I was the solo hunter. They released 8
chukkar, within 45 minutes we had walked up to the area, found all 8 birds, shot 7 (somebody blew an easy shot.......actually, 3 shots...... blamed it
on the sun), returned back to the camp with 7 chukkar in our bag and proceeded to tell Benton (the owner), that this isn't any fun..... With these
dogs that we have, it only takes about 15 minutes to find 8 chukkar. So he sent us down to a lower field that had already been hunted earlier in the
day to see if they had missed anything. These dogs were just warming up, they wanted to do some more hunting. The dogs proceeded to find 1
more chukar and 2 pheasants. The last trip out, Maxx didn't find any of the birds, but he honored all of Lacey's points and retrieved all of the birds.
This time he found/pointed over half of the birds. He either found 6 or 7 of the 11 birds (I can't remember which). Maxx went on point in some super
short grass, Kath said that he was probably pointing a mouse, but she called Lacey over anyway. Lacey went on point also, almost immediately a
pheasant flew out of the short grass in the middle of them. I shot it, but it hit the ground running. Lacey was in front of Maxx, but she doesn't quite
know what to do with a runner, so Maxx ran around her, swooped up the pheasant by the butt and kept on running back to us. He didn't hardly even
slow down. I wish that I had the whole thing on video. Anyway, Kath was pretty embarrassed, she said that that is the last time that she will ever
question the dogs. Roy had taught me that same valuable lesson many times over the years. It was fun to see it happen to someone else.  
Maxx is unbelievable for a 5 1/2 month old puppy. Roy never really came around until he reached about 2 years old, so this is very exciting for me. I
won't bore you by telling you about each of his points and retrieves, because I'm sure that you've seen the same thing thousands of times before.  I
have a very hard time comprehending how he can be so good and still be so young.
Maxx had grown quite a bit since Benton had seen him 3 weeks ago, he said, "Man, you always have such big, good looking dogs, how do you do it?"  
Kath told him that it was lots of TLC.
Right now, I'm fight a cold (and the cold in winning), as soon as I get it whipped, we're going back out to Big cottonwood. I told my friend (who owns
Lacey's daddy), that my Christmas gift to him was a hunt with his dog and ours. I'll let you know what happens.

p.s. Sure wish that you could have seen our smiles on the way home.
Take Care,
I haven't listed them all.  But this will give you an idea of the pups we produce at Idaho Hunting Dogs.  
We keep in touch with all our pup owners. We are only a phone call, email, or visit away. Thank you...

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